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Five tips for betting on sports

Posted by on Apr 5, 2016 in Uncategorized |

  1. Know your sport. Don’t start betting without any idea of what you’re doing. Follow a sport first and get to know the nitty-gritty and all the nuts and bolts, before you actually start placing bets. The more you know about any given topic the more you’ll be able to appreciate the minute details and the more you can appreciate the subtleties the more likely you are to better glean insight into the intricate goings-on and therefore place more astute bets.
  2. Know and understand your team/athlete. Most professions—pilots, athletes, police officers, engineers, to name a random few—have specialisations and that’s also the case with gaming and betting. It may be necessary for you to be a passive spectator for a little while, before you start actively betting. Although there is effort and discipline involved, if you want to bet in more than a casual or playful capacity, you’ll probably do well to think of gambling as a career and not just a hobby. And as such you should treat it with the same seriousness you would any other job.
  3. Remember you’ll have to take risks. You have to spend money to make money, as the old adage goes. Chances are that you are going to lose a lot of bets. (The goal is to make enough to cover your losses when you do win.) Here you need to remind yourself that losing is part of the game you’re playing and don’t let it get to you. Of course, if you’re losing all the time then you may want to consider a new career. However, don’t get too upset when, after a bad day or week, you’ve got nothing to show for it, instead redouble your efforts and try to make smarter bets.
  4. Leave emotion out of it. Everyone has a favourite team or favourite teams. Betting on who you support is not always the best way to make money. If your team isn’t doing too well, then don’t bet on them. There’s a big difference between placing a casual bet with friends and trying to make money. If you’re considering sports betting as a career, then emotions and sentiment don’t have any place in what you’re doing and that may even mean betting against your favourite team.
  5. Know when to walk away. Let’s say you’re have a winning streak and you’re going double or quits game after game. At some point you’re going to lose all that money you’ve been working hard to earn. You need to know when to start saving some of that money so it doesn’t all vanish. It’s a very good idea put this money aside and enjoy it. If things are starting to get risky then don’t be afraid to take a break.

Everything You Need To Know About Handicap Betting

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Sport Betting |

Anyone who likes sports could turn it into a profitable hobby, even though you are not a professional sports player.
You don’t believe me? Well, with a little bit of luck, or strategy, or knowledge, surely you could make betting your hobby and earn money at the same time.

Of course, you should take it easy and bet within your possibilities, and I would strongly discourage reckless betting that could ruin your life. Therefore, it is for the best that you think about consequences prior to betting, but if you know your limits it should not pose a problem.

If you are interested in learning about new strategies of betting and new types of betting, such as handicap betting, make sure that you read the following article, as you will learn more about this very popular betting strategy.


What Is Handicap Betting?
Well, you have probably already heard of handicap betting, as it is one of the most popular strategies of betting. In addition to that, handicap betting is also in close relation with Asian handicap. These betting strategies are popular with a reason, since they will increase your chances of winning. Handicap betting and Asian handicap betting are entirely based on the fact that you have an advantage given to you at the very beginning of betting, and it is very likely that this advantage will work for you rather than against you.

What Are The Odds?

So, you are probably wondering what the odds are that you will win, but more importantly you should first take a good look at the odds the bookmaker is offering. The bookmaker will give the odds of a team winning or losing, or the result being a draw, entirely based on their prediction which includes the previous statistics of their game outcomes. The difference with handicap betting is that your bookmaker will also offer a handicap to the team which has slightly slimmer chances of winning and bigger chances of losing. This is what you want to play. For live odds check out sites like bookmaker, betdsi, sportsbook, bangthebook, vegas lines etc..

Since the odds are given in 1 or 2 or 3, your bookie will give an advantage to the team or player that is supposed to lose, therefore you will not look at the realistic outcome of the game, but the outcome which includes the handicap.

That being said this makes the game more fair for the losing team since it has one point (or more) of an advantage.

Why Do Bookmakers Offer Handicap Betting

Well, the point of handicap betting is that it will serve as means to reduce the odds, especially when the stakes are higher. The handicap which is given to the team which is obviously not the favorite, should make the game a bit fairer and results in an outcome that is less predictable than the obvious winning of the favorite.

Asian Handicap Betting

Should You Try Handicap Betting?

Making money out of betting might seem like something unstable, but if you use handicap betting or other sports betting strategies you are likely to profit. Especially if you are a sports fan, or very well introduced to sporting odds, news and outcomes. So, in a way, all those hours in front of TV watching games can really work for you and give you an advantage and ultimately become means to earning money!